About Madison

Madison Best first started yoga after graduating college when she was feeling lost in the world, and in herself. After that first class, she felt like her eyes had finally opened. She became a yoga teacher in 2014 upon her completion of a 200 Hour Certification with Gina Minyard. A student first and foremost, she received her 500 Hour Certification with Noah Mazé and Rocky Heron in 2017. In 2018 & 2019, she went on to study Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with Sacred Roots Wellness.

In her yoga classes, she aims to create pathways to the physical body. Expect to play with movement from an alignment, anatomical perspective. She encourages exploration of breath and space, all while nourishing communication from the brain to the body.

What she didn’t realize, was that yoga was only the beginning. It opened the door to many other tools that would uncover deeper and deeper layers of herself. She has always followed her curiosity and spends her time studying trauma, psychology, manifestation, human design, basic neuroscience, and so much more. She moves between science and the “woo-woo” to gain a full understanding of the human experience.

Madison holds a BA in Photography and Art History from Bennington College. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her beloved cat Sylvia.

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