Awaken Sessions

Awaken a deeper connection. In these coaching-style sessions, we will work on cultivating self awareness and self regulation for all areas of your life. Learn the best way to navigate and flow through life. To flow with life.

Mindfulness and self exploration don’t end with our personal practices – meditation, yoga, journaling etc. We must examine how we move through the world. As humans, we are complex. Our past can inform our present, and how we react to it. Unless we break the cycle, the patterns. Together we will develop the skills for self reflection and uncover techniques for managing stressful and anxious situations. Feeling. Thinking. Action.

These sessions combine energetic principles, basic psychology, neuroscience derived from trauma-sensitive studies, and advice informed by my personal experiences. We can also use your human design chart and your personal practices as additional tools. Because we have bodies, minds, and souls, we will close out each session with an integration exercise – breathwork, visualization, or a simple movement.

Self exploration. Self worth. To awaken YOU.

Sessions are currently:

  • 45 minutes for $60
  • 60 minutes for $75
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