Kind Words from Students...


I have been honored to work with some amazing students, and here is what a few of them have to say:

I’ve had dozens of instructors over the course of my yoga journey but none have spoken to my heart the way Madison does. I like how Madison looks at the big picture of yoga, not just the poses. I was able to have some private lessons prior to leaving for my own teacher training journey. Madison is quite professional and business-like in her approach to teaching, but gave some great one on one advice from her own teacher training experience and boosted my confidence greatly. She truly is a caring and kind individual and I’m very grateful that our paths have crossed in this world.

– Jennifer M.

I began practicing yoga five years ago and in that five years have taken class with many good teachers.  Madison is one of the best.  Her deep knowledge of anatomy allows her to work expertly with all types of bodies and physical limitations, keeping her students safe.  Madison’s classes are always well sequenced and she provides options in poses for all levels in her class allowing those who want more to go deeper and those not quite ready to find the pose option for them.  She has a calm, peaceful manner with her sweetness and sense of fun always visible.  Madison is deeply committed to giving her students a safe, encouraging environment for them to grow in their practice while guiding them with her deep knowledge asana, anatomy and philosophy.

– Tommie B. 

I’ve been taking yoga classes with Madison twice a week for the past two years.   My posture has improved dramatically.  My muscles seem longer and are stronger.   I am using muscles I have never used and I feel much more graceful in movement, not something I thought I would achieve at 67 years of age.  Madison is a delight, she knows each and every muscle and ligament and how to keep them in shape.  A class with her is sometimes hard but always laced with hilarity and she offers an emphasis on knowing your body, calming your mind and enjoying your life.

– Kathryn M.

Madison is an exceptional teacher of yoga.  She is an alignment-based instructor that understands the way the body moves and works.  I attended Madison’s Aerial Yoga classes taught at Vita-Prana Yoga for 1 1/2 years.  I also had the opportunity to take several yoga mat classes and 7 private sessions.  Madison style of teaching is easy to understand.  The yoga sequences Madison takes the students through provide a complete and refreshed sense of one’s own inner self. With the use of many props and alternative ways to go in and out of poses, safety for each student is a high priority.  I am very grateful Madison chose the path of “teacher.”

– Debbie E.

Madison Best’s approach to teaching yoga is a combination of gauging the skill level of all in her class, taking time to explain a position in order to be ‘just right’ rather than ‘just doing’, there is variation from class to class and there is an expectation to do your best but if you’re not up to your best, that’s ok too!  She has a gentle way of encouragement and always answers questions.

– Karen G.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Madison such an excellent yoga instructor. Her cues are so descriptive and helpful for getting the correct form. Her manner is both professional and personal. She always has a plan for class but is able to accommodate requests or issues. I have taken class with her with broken bones and after surgery and she was able to modify things for me with ease. I have taken a class with someone taking their first ever yoga class and taken a class when she cranked it up to very challenging.  No matter the level, her professionalism and excellent instruction make every class worthwhile.

– Anne M.

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