Madison Best

Hey everyone, I am Madison Best, a yoga teacher, and yoga & wellness blogger in Atlanta, GA. At the beginning of the 2016, I was spending all of my free time watching YouTube and reading blogs. After reading "Big Magic," I decided it was time to start my own.

I love teaching yoga, and I had so much to say. I wanted another outlet where I could reach people that couldn’t make it to the studio. After studying photography in college, a blog seemed like a great fit where I could combine my love of photography with the power of words. Shortly after, I started my own YouTube channel as well, Awakened Moon. What has kept me coming back again and again is the wonderful people I’ve met online, and that my content has strengthened my relationships with my real-life friends, students, and myself too.

This blog is a lot of yoga, but with a dash of other topics to keep us living a whole, fulfilled life – self care, sustainability, mental health, wellness trends, yoga FAQ’s, minimalism, and my personal experiences with a side of advice and tips. When not teaching, practicing, or studying yoga, I can be found at home reading a book, fawning over my dog, trying out a new cafe, immersing myself in art, knitting while listening to a podcast, or relaxing with a face mask on.

For more information about my background as a yoga teacher, click here.