About Me

Hey everyone, I am Madison Best, a yoga teacher, blogger, and YouTuber in Atlanta, GA. At the beginning of the 2016, I was spending all of my free time watching YouTube and reading blogs, and thought, “Well, I could probably do that.” I love teaching yoga, but I have so much more to say that I felt I needed another outlet where I could reach out to more people. After studying photography in college, a blog seemed like a great fit where I could combine my love of photography with the power of words. Shortly after, I started my own YouTube channel as well, Awakened Moon. What has kept me coming back again and again is the wonderful people I’ve met online and that my content has strengthened my relationships with my real-life friends and myself too.

Both this blog and my channel are a little bit of everything – books, travel, self care, yoga, think pieces, and general advice. When not teaching, practicing, or studying yoga, I can be found at home reading a book, fawning over my dog, immersing myself in art, whether at a museum or creating my own, or relaxing with a face mask on.

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Madison Best first started yoga after graduating college when she was feeling a bit lost. After that first class, she knew she would continue with it for the rest of her life. For Madison, yoga was more than just physical exercise. It was a means of empowerment through outward expression and inner awareness. It helped her reconnect to herself through honesty, self-reflection, sometimes struggle, but above all, love. She dedicated herself to her practice and received her 200 Hour Certification in 2014 with Gina Minyard.

Madison shares her passion for alignment and anatomy in her classes, creating a safe space for connecting with your mind/body/spirit, moving from a place of strength, and pushing past boundaries with a bit of playfulness. She will always be a student first and foremost. She continues her studies with Noah Mazé and Rocky Heron, completing her 500 Hour Certification in summer of 2017. She hopes to help her students find the empowerment within themselves that yoga and her creative outlets have provided for her.

Madison holds a BA in Photography and Art History from Bennington College. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA and embarking on her 300-hour teacher training with Noah Mazé in Los Angeles, CA.

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