Always Looking for the Good

I have been a bit up and down lately. For various reasons, I’ve often been left feeling self-critical, nervous, stressed, angry at times, and just about everything in between. That said, I’ve also had some really happy moments over the past month. I stayed up late Friday hanging out with a friend and just chatting. I went out and did something new with someone new. I started reading a book that one of my oldest friends is reading too so we can talk about it. I had a couple delicious lunches with fellow yogis. And most importantly, I have danced all around my house, my neighborhood, in the car, and even in a couple of classes.

I know in the past when I was in a bad mood, it was hard to get out of, especially back when I was a moody teenager. The best you could hope for was going to bed and waking up feeling better the next day. But as an adult, and a yogi, things have changed (I can still act like a moody teenager sometimes, but I’m not perfect). I don’t try to ignore my feelings, because that is a whole other issue, but I try not to dwell on them for too long. Acknowledge your feelings, feel your feelings, but then look at the entire picture.

When something happens that causes a strong reaction within ourself, it can be all consuming. Maybe it was a fight with a friend or loved one, the disappointment of your expectations not being met, or your worry over your dog being sick. All of these things, which I can attest to, can take over and make it difficult to get anything else done because it’s all you can think about. But these instances are not all of our life, they are just that – instances, “an example or single occurrence of something.” They are not your entire life.

I have been journaling very consistently lately so I took it upon myself to expand my awareness beyond the instances. Even if the day wasn’t bad, but only okay, I try to find one thing that brought me happiness. Music has been a big one for me lately – Spotify’s #ThrowbackThursday playlist last week was on fire! I also rediscovered the beauty of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. After days of rain and grey clouds, the sun came out. I’ve received great feedback from students. I continue to practice poses that I never imagined I could do. I watched a hawk fly over my house.¬†Saturday, my grocery store had my favorite cheese again.

There is always something good out there, we just have to look beyond the instances that consume us and see what we find.

So next time you’re in a funk, or if you are now, try backing out of the situation enough to see more of your life. Seek out what brings you happiness. Take care of yourself, and know that this too shall pass.



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