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    SE Yoga Conference 2017

    This past Saturday I spent the day at the Southeast Yoga Conference. It was hosted here in Atlanta at the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel. I arrived around 9:30am for a day full of yoga and connecting with fellow teachers. When you register online ahead of time, you design your own schedule. Even though it was a full weekend conference, I could only go Saturday. There were still plenty of enriching offerings. There were 3 time slots – 10am-12pm, 1:30-3:30pm, and 4-6pm. Each section had about 4 different workshops to choose…

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    Hunger by Roxane Gay

    I first found out about this book just over a month ago via Twitter. And immediately thereafter I discovered that Roxane Gay was going to be in Atlanta on her book tour later that same week. Unfortunately I couldn’t go because of my teaching schedule but I quickly ran out to the nearest bookstore and bought Hunger.  I was already in the middle of reading It by Stephen King (and still am), but when I went to LA I decided to bring this book along for the ride. On the way…

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    New Launches From Meow Meow Tweet

    One of my most watched videos on my channel is my Natural Deodorant Reviews. I have been using natural deodorant for at least 3 years now. In the first few minutes of the video, I explain why natural is better and safer for you. I also talked about a few products I’ve tried, including Meow Meow Tweet’s baking soda free cream deodorant. I liked it, but honestly I didn’t get along with it too well because mine had tiny little chunks in it that wouldn’t dissolve when applied. I do…

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    What Are You Most Excited About Right Now?

    Hello, hello, hello! It feels like it has been so long since I’ve posted even though it’s only been 2 weeks. But how inspiring those weeks have been. Let’s take it back to the beginning – the night of Monday, April 24th. I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert give a talk about Creative Living. I had heard about this event back in December. I wanted to go and the week before the event, I finally sat down and ordered my ticket. And before I knew it, the night came. I…

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    Confidence and Clear Skin

    Over the past few months, my skin has had its ups and downs. Sometimes it will be clear with just a few tiny spots here and there, but as recently as last week, I had spots all over my face, even in places I never get acne (thank you airplane air). When I was feeling frustrated, I was talking to my mom about it and complained how when you’re a teenager everyone tells you your skin gets clearer when you’re in your twenties. But honestly, my skin was better then…

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    Holding Memories

    You may or may not know but I studied photography in college, specifically, black and white film photography. I dabbled in digital photography, which I mostly do now because of equipment limitations, but film was, and still is, my love. I would spend hours at a time in the darkroom making prints. Each photograph needed the right exposure, the perfect amount of contrast, and exact framing. I could easily spend over an hour on one photo making small adjustments that some people might not notice. The time wasn’t just spent on…

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    Life as an Introvert

    I like being alone, whether I’m reading, knitting, writing, filming, doing a home yoga practice, or just sitting and thinking. When I socialize, I much prefer one-on-one or small groups. But even then, I need time to myself afterwards. I can be hesitant to try new things. I think before I speak, sometimes too much that I end up sitting there saying nothing because I can’t fully put my words together. When I do speak, I often worry what I said was stupid, could be misinterpreted, or wasn’t what I…

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    Knitting My First Sweater

    I have been knitting since 2008, thanks to one of my friends taking the time to teach me in college. I’ve mostly made scarves, with a couple attempts at hats. My scarves have always been relatively successful.  However, I might have been a bit too ambitious with my first hat by using a fancy pattern, messing up said pattern, then feeling hopeless and giving up. Basically, I enjoy knitting, but I’m just okay at it. Good, maybe, but definitely not great. Flash forward to a few months ago, I kept…

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