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How to Choose Mala Beads

I recently had the opportunity to work with Mala Prayer and I jumped at the chance. With the 30 Day Meditation Challenge, I have been experimenting in my meditation practice and working with mala beads was a technique I wanted to implement. Mala Prayer’s are beautiful, afforable, and help support a good cause. As stated on their website, “With every purchase made we help enrich the lives of women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to money to invest in their business, homes and community through micro-finance loans.” I am down with that.

T-Shirts for a Cause

I’m not a big fashionista that follows trends, but I do love clothing as another means of self expression. And slogan tees are everywhere, which takes that a step further by literally advertising your opinions or thoughts on yourself. I love them. A lot. At this point I have more than double the amount of slogan tees as plain tees. There…

Holding Memories

You may or may not know but I studied photography in college, specifically, black and white film photography. I dabbled in digital photography, which I mostly do now because of equipment limitations, but film was, and still is, my love. I would spend hours at a time in the darkroom making prints. Each photograph needed the right exposure, the perfect amount…

Knitting My First Sweater

I have been knitting since 2008, thanks to one of my friends taking the time to teach me in college. I’ve mostly made scarves, with a couple attempts at hats. My scarves have always been relatively successful.  However, I might have been a bit too ambitious with my first hat by using a fancy pattern, messing up said pattern, then feeling…

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity has always been a big struggle of mine. It dates all the way back to being a teenager when having $40 felt like you owned the world. When I would go shopping with friends, before I even had my own bank account, whatever cash I had was all I could spend. There were the stores I would go…

Shop Small

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to share some of my favorite small businesses! Holiday shopping is now in full gear, and while I know I can find gifts at those big corporations, I love shopping small for extra special gifts. You can always find really cool, unique things.
When it comes to jewelry, I shop small all year round….