Heat-Building Flow Yoga Class

Temperatures are starting to drop, and it’s getting harder to get out of a toasty bed on a Sunday morning. Honestly, the thought of pancakes were the only thing to get me up and at it this morning!

As we move into winter, to stay warm we have to build our own heat, ignite our internal fire. This month’s free yoga class, that is now on my channel, will help you do just that, with a heat-building flow practice. This is a slower flow, so it’s perfect for a variety of levels.

In this class, we use ujjayi pranayama as we flow through standing poses, including Reverse Warrior, Warrior II, and Side Angle prep. Not every movement is linked with breath, but we do move at a faster pace than we might normally. And we can’t have any heat building without some core! Get ready for plank holds and a fun plank to elbow plank exercise.

Of course we don’t want to build too much heat and then explode, so there’s a balance with some softer moments. Enjoy a few breaths in tree pose, and some lovely hip stretching in Lizard Pose.

And the best news yet, it’s only 25 minutes total! It’s easy to fit into your schedule, especially before and during the mayhem that is December. There’s time included for a short savasana too, but you can always stay in it longer and relish the cool down

I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what kind of classes you want to see in the future! Do you like vinyasa, restorative, gentle, or tutorials? If you have a specific pose or a type of pose (backbends, arm balance, inversion, etc) you want a class around, just let me know in the comments and I’ll work some magic!

Namaste, my friends


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