How & Why I Journal

Yesterday I uploaded a new video to my channel talking about something that is near and dear to my heart – journaling. I have been writing in a journal/diary on and off almost my entire life. I still remember my first one, one of those diaries that had a built in lock. Of course I proceeded to lose the key and have to break into it with a bobby pin.

Journaling has helped me get through some tough times, and has allowed me to learn more about myself after the fact. This video gets into more specifics of how and why I journal, plus I flip through a few of my old ones and maybe read a sentence or two (intriguing stuff!). There is no wrong way to journal, this is just how I’ve done it over the years and what works for me. I am currently loving the bullet journal system, so if you want more information on that be sure to leave me a comment.

As always, I appreciate you all reading and watching my content. If you’re not already, I would love if you subscribed to my channel and I will see you in my next video!


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