Little Barn Apothecary Detox Face Mask

A few weeks ago I was walking around West Midtown with my mom before we were meeting a friend for brunch. We love that part of town because not only is there amazing food, but also some cute little boutiques and small businesses. While walking our normal route, we stumbled upon a new (to us) store – Little Barn Apothecary. The storefront was absolutely gorgeous (you can see it on their Instagram), and once we realized they sold natural beauty and skincare products, we had to go in. That stuff is right up my alley! They carry other lines, but they also have their own. After perusing the shelves, I saw their face masks and knew I had to give their “Cocoa + Cardamom Face Mask” a try.


I always need a detoxing mask, but I find clay masks can be a bit much for my skin. This mask comes in a powder form and has only 4 ingredients, all of which you can easily pronounce. You mix a small amount of the powder with aloe, floral hydrosols, honey, or yogurt to make a paste that you then spread all over your face. I have only used it with aloe because I always have that on hand, but would love to try yogurt as I have dry, sensitive skin.

Why cocoa and cardamom you may be asking? Cocoa is a super antioxidant and works against oxidative stress, which can be caused by UV exposure, chemicals, and daily environmental pollutants. Cardamom has antibacterial properties, helps with oil regulation, and hydration. There is also rose, which is a natural toner and works on unclogging pores. So basically, this mask has everything you need to refresh the skin.

I have used this face mask with a few spots on my face, and while they may not completely go away, they are greatly diminished. My skin feels cleaner and healthier after using this for just 10 minutes. There is a tiny downside, but this might be just because of my sensitive skin. My face does get a bit red after wearing this mask, so I have to put on a moisturizing product that helps reduce that redness. The benefits greatly outweigh this inconvenience. I use this mask at night and then head straight to bed. My skin is always glowing when I wake up the next morning.

There is another powder face mask by May Lindstrom I have been wanting to try, but with it’s high price tag, I’ve never made the leap. Little Barn Apothecary’s mask has many of the same ingredients and I think may be better for my sensitive skin anyways. Plus, the owners were working there when we went in and they were the nicest guys. I could tell they are extremely passionate about using natural, good for you ingredients. I’m glad we discovered this store and I will definitely be trying more of their products (I’m looking at you Orchid + Blackcurrant Face Serum).

If you live in Atlanta, be sure to check them out, but if you don’t, you can still order off their website: They have products for face, body, hair, candles, and even a few products specifically geared towards men. But don’t worry, all of these products are gender neutral because everyone needs good, natural skincare.



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    November 4, 2016

    Thanks, great article.

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      November 5, 2016

      Thank you for commenting! Glad you liked it. It’s a great mask!


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