My Evening Routine

You all loved reading about my morning routine, so now I want to give you a little insight into my evening routine. While my mornings are designed to start my day on a positive note, the evenings are for unwinding and reflecting. I won’t lie to you, sometimes my morning routine gets thrown out the window (like on the weekends and the entirety of the past three weeks), but I almost always keep my evening routine in place. It provides me with time to relax and reconnect, but most importantly, it sets me up for a good night’s sleep.

Even though I give my morning routine about an hour so I can get on with my day, I’m more lenient with my evening routine. I have a few marks I want to hit, but then I allow myself to take longer doing certain steps. I don’t go to bed at an exact time every night so some nights are more drawn out. However, some nights, like Monday’s and Tuesday’s, are quick and dirty since I don’t get home until after 9pm. When you decide to create your own routine, I highly recommend picking out the highlights that you have to do each night, but then stay open to activities you want to do, like reading, for example. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get to them every time, but aim to do them most days.

But enough chatter, let’s get into it:

First, I change into pajamas and turn on my diffuser. Since I teach yoga, my daily uniform is incredibly comfortable. If I come in late, plop down on my bed and start scrolling through social media without changing, it becomes infinitely harder to get up and get ready for bed. So I’ve trained myself to change immediately into the loungewear I’ve dedicated for sleep and head into the bathroom to fill up my diffuser. This gets me moving so I get everything done before I start slipping into the sleep zone. For the essential oil blends I like to use at bedtime, read this post for some calming suggestions.

Next, go through my evening skincare and brush my teeth. After turning my diffuser on and letting it start to fill my room with a nice scent, I head back into the bathroom to wash my face, put on a serum, moisturize, and jade roll. If it’s the weekend or my skin has been giving me a lot of trouble, this is when I’ll use a face mask. If you want more information on my skincare routine, let me know! After my skin is set, I brush my teeth. If you really want to know my full dental regimen, I like to floss in the morning and use mouthwash at night. Before heading back into my room for the evening, I put on some lip balm – my current favorite being Glossier balm dotcalm.

Do The NYT crossword puzzle, set my alarm, and set my phone down. This year I decided to be a full-on adult and get a subscription to The New York Times. Let me tell you, I am obsessed with the daily mini crossword puzzles. It provides some mental stimulation, but I find them calming too. On a good day, it could take me less than a minute, while on a bad day a couple of minutes. Either way, they bring me happiness and I don’t see how I could go back to life without them. They are usually the last thing I do on my phone, so then I simply set my alarm for the next day, turn on “do not disturb,” and put my phone down for the night. Admittedly I occasionally take another peek, but I try to be diligent and end screen time after my puzzle.

Journal. Once I’m done with electronics, I switch over to my bullet journal. I check back in with my daily to-do list, write down my reflections and thoughts from the day, and fill in my monthly habit tracker. If there’s anything that left me unsettled, this is my time to process and get it all out. No matter what day it is, this part of my evening routine is non-negotiable. Yes, there’s always exceptions to the rule, but I aim to visit with my journal every single day.

Read. Reading is very important to me and my mental health so I like to leave some time to read before bed. Like the crossword puzzles, it’s mentally stimulating but also soothing. Between the essential oil and snuggling up under the blanket, my body starts slowing down and transitions into rest mode. I don’t like to time myself reading, so I read as much or as little as I want on any given day.

Spray my pillow with a linen spray and turn off the lights. I greatly value sleep so in addition to my diffuser, I make a lavender and rose linen spray that I mist on my pillows and comforter just before resting my head down. You can buy sleep sprays, but DIYing it is easy, cheaper, and more sustainable. And it leaves you feeling fancy AF. After a spritz here and there, I turn off my light and get to sleep.

And that’s it! I’ve been doing a variation of this evening routine for months. It’s a beautiful end to the day and truly helps my body move into sleep seamlessly. Like a morning routine, the repetition starts to get engrained into ourselves and signals our body that it’s time for rest. I think both morning and evening routines are valuable, but if I had to choose one, I wouldn’t be able to give up my evening routine.

Do you have an evening routine? What is vital? If you don’t, what would you want to include? Please share in the comments!



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