Relax – New Class & Free Mini Sequence

Yesterday, I participated in Mental Health Week at a local high school. I am incredibly honored that I got to speak to these kids and share the practice of yoga. As you all know, mental health is important to me, and let’s be honest – who wasn’t a big ball of stress when they were a teenager? During the last 15 minutes of the practice, they were completely silent and calm. Yoga works, my friends.

As I moved through the planning process, I reflected on how different styles of yoga are more effective depending on mood. I touched on this in my article for Shut Up and Yoga, and it’s still holds true. For example, the last time I was going through a spell of anxiety, I was practicing at home. I began with a vinyasa class, and after 20 minutes, I had to stop. The faster pace was making my already-booming heart rate rise higher, which was the exact opposite of what I needed. So I pulled out my bolster and went through a few restorative poses instead. While doing less poses might not feel like you’re accomplishing much, it can actually be far more effective. And while this might not be true for everyone, for me, slower is better when I need to calm down and relax.

Now as adults, we still come face to face with stress on a regular basis. Maybe it’s a work deadline. Or dating. Planning a wedding. Having to pay unexpected bills. Dealing with insurance – car, health, home. You get it. The list goes on and on and on.

Everyone, no matter the age, needs a break from time to time.

My newest online class, RELAX, was created with this in mind. The class is 52 minutes long, filled with a mix of passive restorative poses and active gentle stretches. There’s only 1 Downward Facing Dog! This class is perfect for any level. It does require a few props, but there are substitute recommendations in the description.

I also created a handout for the kids, and thanks to an Instagram survey, you all seemed interested in having it too! It’s composed of 5 poses and 1 breathing practice to help you find your chill. Some of it can be done on your bed at the beginning or end of your day. Others you can do sitting at your desk when you need to keep crunching, but need a quick break.

This is a free download that you can bookmark, save to your computer, or print out and pin up. Share the love and pass it on to anyone you think would benefit from a few minutes of relaxation!

Relax – Download Here

Enjoy, and may you all find some quiet time when you need it!

October 24, 2018


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