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In honor of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to share some of my favorite small businesses! Holiday shopping is now in full gear, and while I know I can find gifts at those big corporations, I love shopping small for extra special gifts. You can always find really cool, unique things.


When it comes to jewelry, I shop small all year round. Those creative pieces always get the most compliments and I love knowing that everyone doesn’t have it. I always keep my eyes open at art fairs for jewelry, but Etsy is also the place of dreams.


I found the roots ring in the photo from Chee-Me-No at the Dogwood Festival here in Atlanta. She had so many beautiful pieces that it was hard to decide, but I am the biggest sucker for a beautiful ring:

Sea Salt Shop

I have a Gemini installation rose gold necklace from this Etsy shop and I am in love. She has a lot of other beautiful necklace designs, but is also great with custom orders. And she is also a Georgia resident:

Paperface Studio

I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this Etsy shop, but every time I wear my silver deer antler necklace from there, I get a ton of compliments. You can find both delicate and bolder pieces here so there is something for everyone:



I love stationery, notebooks, and greeting cards. While there is something perfect about a simple black Moleskine, sometimes you want something a little more exciting. I have a serious notebook problem, but because of that I have found many gorgeous shops.


I know I discovered this shop online, Twitter I believe. I didn’t even need another notebook but the designs were insanely beautiful I couldn’t resist. And she’s doing 20% off right now!

Caroline Creates

I have talked about this shop plenty of times before on Instagram, but I couldn’t resist another shoutout. These products are for those that love hand lettering, but also notebooks, greeting cards, and mugs:

Bath & Body Products


I love my weekly bath and take great joy in my pamper routine. There are also a lot of amazing big companies out there, but the small ones always bring a homemade quality. They pride themselves on being natural, good for you products, which I am a big advocate of.

The Soaking Tub

I just discovered this brand last weekend at a holiday arts fair. Everything smelled so good and I had to pick up something for my mom’s birthday gift. She has been loving the bath salts and balm that I chose but there also are so many beautiful soaps:

Little Barn Apothecary

I’ve talked about this brand before on here, and I am in love. This local shop is beautiful and so much care has gone into each product. Plus the simple packaging is goals:

Happy Shopping! What small businesses do you love? Let me know in the comments!


November 29, 2016


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