T-Shirts for a Cause

I’m not a big fashionista that follows trends, but I do love clothing as another means of self expression. And slogan tees are everywhere, which takes that a step further by literally advertising your opinions or thoughts on yourself. I love them. A lot. At this point I have more than double the amount of slogan tees as plain tees. There are a lot out there and my favorites are all for a cause.

While charities need us, we don’t all have the time to go out and volunteer. I completely understand that. By the time my days off roll around I have a long to-do list, want to slow down and be quiet, do yoga for myself, hang out with friends, etc. But especially with the current climate in our country I know how much charities need our help. I donate when I can, but admittedly it’s not as often as I should.

However, charities are catching on that slogan tees or graphic tees are trending, so many of them have started producing their own. Sometimes you can buy clothing directly from the charity, or they will collab with a clothing brand and sell it in their stores. But that’s not all. Sometimes a celebrity, who may or may not work directly with the charity, will design a shirt and put it on websites like Represent or Omaze. On these websites they run campaigns, which only go for a certain time. Once the campaign is over, you can’t order the shirt anymore. Depending on the campaign, either a percentage or all of the profits will go to a charity, or charities, of the campaign creator’s choosing. Typically if you like the design, you’ll like the charity it supports.

I am a big fan of these t-shirts for a cause. I know I’m donating to a charity, but I also have something tangible. I wear them out running errands, around friends, and even when I teach. When someone compliments them, I say thank you and tell them about whatever charity it supports. These shirts get people talking and educated. Hopefully it inspires them to go out and buy one themselves or support the charity directly. They are great conversation starters.

So let me share some of my favorites. Some are still available, some unfortunately are not. I will link whatever I can. If you’re interested on staying up to date, I follow Represent on Instagram so I always know when something new is up.

First up is the Phenomenal Woman t-shirt at the top of this post. You can still get this one at Omaze. It was designed by Meena Harris, founder of “I’m An Entrepreneur, Bitch,” which helps support women and femme owned businesses. This shirt is inspired by Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” poem (which you can read here), and the profits go to 7 different organizations including Planned Parenthood Education Fund and Girls Who Code.

Next up is this shirt that says “Come dream with me…” designed by Bonnie Wright (aka Ginny Weasly) for Represent. Unfortunately this shirt is no longer available. This shirt supports FilmAid, which as quoted on their website uses:

film, radio and journalism created by refugees, FilmAid engages communities with dignity and respect, providing information about their rights, safety, health and well-being. Alongside public information campaigns, FilmAid trains young people in all aspects of storytelling and communications, empowering the next generation to advocate for its own rights and community needs.  – Filmaid.org

This shirt is my most recent find from My Sister, which you can still find. They have a ton of other designs as well, all of which support survivors of sexual exploitation. They fight to prevent sex trafficking and provide after-care for survivors all while trying to educate others. They have some shirts for men too!

And last, but by no means least, is probably my most worn charity shirt from Everlane. They have an entire 100% Human collection where $5 from every shirt or sweatshirt sold goes to the ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union. They defend individual rights and liberties and fought in court to stop Trump’s travel ban. Everlane has a lot of other designs too for both men and women. And they have a section of the collection that benefits Equality Now, which aims to advance women’s and girl’s rights.

This is only a few of my shirts to support charity but I hope you’re inspired to check some out for yourself or help these charities. If we want change, we have to stand up, speak out, and support those that do too.


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