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Conscious Shopping – What We Want vs. Need

I have been slowly, slowly trying to move towards minimalism (towards being the key word there). The first step was getting rid of unused stuff, which I spent months doing. Now my focus is on being a more mindful, conscious shopper. There are a lot of ways to do that. I hope to expand on this topic in future posts, but today let’s look at just one – acknowledging what we want vs. what we need.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity has always been a big struggle of mine. It dates all the way back to being a teenager when having $40 felt like you owned the world. When I would go shopping with friends, before I even had my own bank account, whatever cash I had was all I could spend. There were the stores I would go to with my mom and then there were the stores I would go to with my friends. If I only had $40, why would I spend it all one 1 shirt when I could buy at least 3 shirts from one of the cheaper stores?