The Struggle of Finding Your Style

Style can be a very broad word. It is simply defined as “a manner of doing something,” but it has a lot of possibilities. You can have your own clothing style, your own writing style, your own lifestyle. Together, it all comes together as your “image,” or your ultimate style. This idea of having one or two words that can define your whole being has taken over my thoughts lately. As someone who is trying to create an online presence, I’ve researched other people that I admire and tried to discover their personal style. It might not be something you can put into words, but you can see something and think, “oh, that is very so-and-so.” But then I look at my work – my blog posts, my videos, each social media platform. All I see is a big mish mash. Can not having a style be a style?

I’ve always been able to easily adapt. I blame this on being a Gemini, an air sign who’s symbol is twins. We are known for being versatile. Growing up, especially in my teenage years, I changed friend groups a couple of times and each group brought out a different side of me. Even within the groups, depending on who I was around, I could adjust, whether it was as simple as talking about specific topics, or more complex like wearing certain clothing or changing my body language.

Luckily I’ve been able to stop that habit of showing my different sides depending on others and have switched into changing depending on how I feel. Some days I’ll try getting away with wearing sweatpants while I run my errands because I feel quite and reserved, while other days I’ll wear a full face of makeup and a fun outfit because I feel confident or creative. Just look at my hair over the years – since graduating college, I have changed my haircut or color a couple of times a year trying to figure out what works best. I like having the option to shift and change, but when does it become too much?

My online presence has begun to (slowly) grow (a little) and I’ve been trying to think how I can make everything more cohesive. My style of writing might be established, but the topics are all over the place and there is very little consistency in the photography. My YouTube channel isn’t much of a mess, but I think shooting with the same background has helped. That said, the content is very different than what I write about here. I don’t even want to get into each social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Twitter has slowly become my favorite because it’s okay to be a bit disheveled, whereas Instagram’s that do well are very curated. Mine, on the other hand, is not.

I ask myself, if I don’t have a defined style in real life, how am I suppose to have one online? Plus, I don’t want to give up or hide parts of myself for the sake of getting likes or views.

What I love about being in my 20’s is that it’s okay to still experiment. In fact, it’s encouraged. I can get away with wearing all black one day, overalls the next, and a shirt with fruit buttons the day after that. That said, as I get closer to 30, I should probably start honing in on what I really like, even if it is all of the above. I don’t want to give up being eclectic, but I think there must be a way to find a balance.

So, please forgive me during the rest of this year while things might begin to shift. I already know I want to change this site around a bit since it’s initial purpose has changed. It has become a place for me to write, as opposed to a place to direct people to my yoga schedule. Yoga isn’t going anywhere, but I want to share my other sides more. In order to discover where I want to be, I need to pull back, become a bit more simplistic, and then get a little messy. I need to throw out a bunch of stuff to see what works, what I like, etc. Please be patient, and feel free to be open about what you like and dislike.

Have you struggled to define your style? What has helped you? Let me know in the comments below!




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