Time is Precious

I have never liked the feeling of being bored. And I’m not talking about when you’re sitting in a lecture or in class and don’t find the topic interesting. Or when you’re at a party or event and not having a good time. I mean those times when you’re sitting at home, have nothing to do, but also have no clue what to do. Nothing sounds interesting or exciting. Nothing can hold your attention.

I’ve had this feeling a few times recently. I have Friday afternoons off and I usually have a short list of errands to run or chores to do around the house. But typically, I’m done earlier than I think and have a couple of hours until dinner. I love reading but sometimes I’m just not in the mood. And then there’s nothing on TV. So I end up mindlessly scrolling through social media and that’s not fulfilling.

To me, time is precious. I put a lot of thought and value into where and with whom I spend my time. Especially when it comes to people and relationships, time is almost like a currency. We exchange our time with each other. We also exchange our energy. It’s like that weird Justin Timberlake movie that I oddly kind of liked, In Time. That movie takes a different spin than what I’m thinking, but it does make you think about the fragility of time.

Not only do I care about my time with others, but I also put as much importance and effort into time spent with myself. I’ve never enjoyed “wasting time.” I want to do something that interests me, that teaches me, that enriches my life. Social media can occasionally tick those boxes but it takes effort, which we’re not usually willing to put in, myself included. I could go into a conversation about curating your online accounts so you don’t have to search so hard, but that’s a topic for another time. Because let’s be honest. When we grab our phones, 9 times out of 10, it’s just to fill empty space. The intention is not usually to learn or grow. We just need to kill time. But I’m only here in this body for a certain period. I want to spend it wisely.

This past Friday, my timing was no different than usual. I taught a new class in the morning and then I came home, ate lunch, and filmed a new video. But it was still only about 3pm when all was said and done. I grabbed a book and sat down to read when the idea hit me to make a boredom list. I called it a Boredom List, but it’s more of a Get-Out-of-Boredom list. This list is full of ideas for the next time I get bored and don’t know what to do. Because, at least for me, when I’m in that kind of a mood, it’s hard to brainstorm. So I did the work preemptively.

My list includes small chores I need or want to do but have no deadline. It also includes stuff I’ve thought about doing in the past, but never managed to get around to. And then you just have to thrown something random in that you find fun. You can see most of my list from the photo, but here are few of the items:

  • Write a letter/postcard
  • Go to the park with Heidi (my precious dog)
  • Test out my sewing machine
  • Upload unread books I already own to Goodreads
  • Doodle while listening to a podcast
  • Go to a new place (I included a list of independent book shops and local natural beauty boutiques)

These are just a few ideas I’ve had thus far. I chose items that didn’t require other people because this is more for spur-of-the-moment activities. If you have a friend or roommate that is down for spontaneous adventures, then of course add it to the list! I put mine in my bullet journal so I can easily access it any time, plus I can constantly add to it as new ideas hit.

What would you add to your Boredom List? Please let me know in the comments below! The more items I check off, the more I’ll need to add!


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