Twist It Out Yoga Class

Friends, there is a new yoga class up on my channel!

We are almost in full Fall mode. The weather is constantly changing, but there’s a coolness in the mornings that wasn’t there over the summer. As I’ve mentioned in my Out with the Old blog post, I’ve been spending a lot of my time clearing out my physical spaces. I cleared off and organized my desk, I went through my closet for the umpteenth time this year, and I got rid of two boxes of books.

The next step is to give my body a good cleaning too, and I’m not just talking about a relaxing bath or a juice cleanse, if that’s you’re thing. My new class is all about twisting and it’s only 20 minutes! Like the trees losing their leaves to make space for new growth, twist it out to make space within yourself for new ideas, thoughts, and opportunities. Trust me, it works! Since I’ve initiated this full clearing process of my space and myself, I’ve started writing a book, had countless inspiring ideas pop into my head, and had multiple amazing teaching opportunities come my way.

Make the space and things will come.

This class includes seated and reclined twists, as well as a progression working up to this prayer twisting lunge. There are plenty of alignment cues to help you get the most of your twists and you can always stop at whatever variation of the pose feels best to you.

If you do try this class out, please let me know what you think! I love to hear your feedback and plan to keep rolling out a class or tutorial every month. If you feel so inclined, please subscribe to my channel to stay updated on all of my videos. There is some good stuff coming!


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