Urdhva Dhanurasana Video Tutorial

I have another yoga video up on my channel for you! This video tutorial breaks down Urdhva Dhanurasana, one of my favorite backbends that opens the door to many others. While a more “fundamental” backbend, it is quite difficult. Despite needing strength and flexibility in your shoulders, open hip flexors and quads, a lot of flexion in your wrists is required too.

I show you 3 variations, all with different degrees of flexion in the wrist. The only props you’ll need are a blanket and a wall. If you don’t have a yoga blanket, you can use a towel or a smaller blanket. Beach towels are great, just sayin’!

I would like to emphasize that this video is just a tutorial, not a full class.

If you attempt any of these variations, please warm up! You can start with some Sun Salutations, then move into smaller backbends like Locust, Cobra, and Upward Facing Dog. Lunges and Crescent Warrior are also great additions to start gaining flexibility in the hip flexors. Other hip flexor and quad stretches could include a standing quad stretch, Virasana, or a belly down quad stretch.

The shoulders require a lot of flexibility in the upward rotation, so don’t skip your Downward Facing Dogs! If you have a strap handy, you can use it to move through the full range of motion of your shoulders.

I hope you enjoy this video tutorial! If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask! If there are any other poses you want to see breakdowns of, perhaps with prop variations as well, please leave me a comment and I’ll do what I can. I have a ton of fun filming these types of videos, but I want to make sure I’m focusing on the poses you want help with. And of course, if you try Urdhva Dhanurasana, let me know how it goes!




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