Yoga Class for Introspection

After taking a workshop with Marc Holzman, I was reminded that Ayurveda, the sister of yoga, or the lifestyle of yoga, is all about living in rhythm with nature. This resonated deeply. Over the past few months, I’ve been theming most of my classes around the qualities of the seasons, with the inspiration of noticing how what’s going on outside directly relates to how I feel on the inside.

Winter, and January specifically, invite us to self reflect and introspect. The weather outside is colder, therefore we spend a lot more time inside. Add the energy of a new year and a couple snow storms that force you to stay inside and be physically separated from others, the invitation turns into more of a demand. So why fight it?

We should use this time and energy to our advantage. Spring and new growth are on the horizon, so ask yourself life’s biggest questions. Where are you now? How do you want to feel? Where can you go that will allow you to feel that feeling? How can you get from point A to point B?

And surprise, the movement aspect of yoga, asana, can align and prepare ourselves to dive into this deeper state of mind. That’s where my new, free class comes in.

In this 22 minute class, we work on forward folds and physically draw into ourselves. Just like it can be difficult and uncomfortable to peel away our layers and look at who we are inside, forward folds can feel the same. Whether it’s from tight hamstrings or a stiff lower back (or both), they are not always approachable. We work into it slowly, focusing primarily on Uttanasana and Paschimottanasana.

Use this class to explore peeking inside yourself in a safe environment, with plenty of support. From there, continue embracing the qualities of winter. It’s not so scary after all.





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